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Central location on the Costa del Sol, just behind the Costa del Sol main hospital. In a fairly upmarket urbanisation, with very little property close by the course itself. The setup is comfortable – large clubhouse but not excessive, good parking. Nice practice putting areas and driving range – actually the driving range I like so much I use it most often when I do decide to practice my long game.

The greens are good – large and medium-paced rather than fast. The green surrounds are very easy – tightly mowed to about 1 centimeter up to 3-4 meters just off the green. That makes them superb for accurate pitching. The fairways are medium width, good quality and carefully mowed. Generous first-cut rough off the fairway is carefully mowed to an exact height (that a very low-handicap golfer will view as a minor inconvenience). Beyond that parts of the course - like between one green and the tee boxes on the next hole - are then mowed to a slightly higher grass height. To find tough natural rough (where natural dry thorny Mediterranean vegetation grows) you have to miss the fairways by quite a lot. For average (mid-handicap) golfers, it is easy to avoid these tough areas if you play conservatively along each hole. This is not a course where you have real challenges requiring risky shots.

The hole layouts are not difficult – on all but two or three tee boxes you can see the green that you are heading towards. Small but high-quality bronze metal hole-maps mounted on granite are available on each tee box. There are a reasonable number of bunkers, carefully trimmed although the sand in them is not the highest quality - fairly large-grained and packs down too much. They have kept some old olive and oak trees in careful positions on and adjoining fairways – well done.

What does this all mean ?. Well basically it means Santa Clara is a pussycat of a golf course not a tiger of a golf course. It wants to be your friend, not bite your arm off. There is virtually no severe rough out there. Even if you miss a fairway or green by 5-10 meters, you are still likely to end up with a reasonably playable shot. A very high-handicap player could walk off a green here scoring 9 for the hole – not realising that on a similar hole on a different golf course they would have lost two balls and walked off the green with no score whatsoever. So this is a forgiving golf course – quite deliberately. Simple hole layouts + very forgiving mowing of almost everything off fairways and greens + large and receptive greens = very forgiving. I do not mean this course is easy – of course you still have to pick the right club and hit the ball as intended. But Santa Clara is a good golf course for players with 25+ handicap. They can have a lot of fun out there and walk off feeling they actually played proper golf. Sure they might have reached a green in 6 shots when regulation is 3, but at least they have something to put on a scorecard – unlike other courses where their scorecard would be swamped with X's.

In short if I was asked to recommend "top 5 courses for not-very-serious golfers on the entire Costa del Sol to have a fun and rewarding day out", then Santa Clara would definitely be on that list. Now what about better golfers. Well as a 15-handicap off yellow tees I thought on every tee box that "par on this hole is a good possibility". If I was really playing well and making key putts, I could even see myself breaking 80 (rare for me). A low-handicap big hitter could really let rip on this course - generous fairways, no bad rough to worry about, hazards like lakes and bunkers not hard to avoid etc. A 4-5 handicap player will give serious thought to coming in under par here, even off the white tees. For anyone 15 handicap or under, Santa Clara is absolutely not a tough course. But then you simply have to lower your expected score to adjust.

There are only a few negatives for this club/course as a whole. Firstly, the cost is not unreasonable but fairly high compared to other mid-ranking courses close by. To me about €10-€15 overpriced on average. Secondly, holes 1/9/10/18 all run in parallel and close by each other just to the right of the clubhouse. So you might wait on a tee box for other people on a nearby fairway to play up. The starter sorts this all out, but it can still mean some delay. Thirdly, the food and drink is fully-priced. By that I mean not expensive, but still not any kind of bargain. I reckon prices set by someone who charges what he/she thinks customers will tolerate, rather than pricing that people tell their friends is really good value.

So to summarise: Santa Clara is a medium-quality golf course, very well-maintained, designed to be forgiving and attract a wide range of golfers. A good course for a bunch of touring golf buddies having a relaxed but not too challenging day out. Perhaps a bit on the expensive side, but in my opinion worth it. For better and/or more regular golfers, still a course in good condition – although there are more subtle courses around at similar price.

Review last updated: December 2014. Number of times played: 5.

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Santa Clara golf course, Costa del Sol, Spain Santa Clara golf course, Costa del Sol, Spain Santa Clara golf course, Costa del Sol, Spain

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